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    Hi all. I'm new to the forum, just found it. Been a Seybert's customer for quite a while. I am searching for a Predator Willie Hoppe model and wanted to know, what year(s) was this model offered?

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    The Willie Hoppe cues was make 5 or 6 years ago and sold out in no time. I dont see them doing any more of these any time soon.
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    I used to have the predator. It was pretty solid.

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    I located a Willie Hoppe butt in, of all places, New Zealand. The owner, who wasn't the original owner, stated it was in rough condition. The leather wrap was chewed up by an apparent ring wearer and there were a couple of dings in the wood. I bought it from him for about $250 and then sent it to Proficient Billiards for a new original style leather wrap and refinish. It now looks brand new and it turned out to be number 350 of 500! I matched a new 314-3 shaft to it with a matching collar and it is now my main player.

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