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    I'm a new member in the forum and have a question about slate. I just purchased a new 9 foot Olhausen "Chicago" table. The slate shipped from Olhausen arrived cracked, so they substituted another piece of slate for the broken one. Therefore, I have 2 pieces pf slate from one table and 1 piece from another. Also, there are obvious chips on the slate, but underneath the rails, so that probably isn't a problem.

    This isn't my first table, and when the slate was installed, I noticed that the arc drawn on the slate was not continuous. They told me that it would make no difference, but I am still concerned. I have depressions in the slate at the seams where the epoxy that fills the holes shrunk somewhat and the balls settle into these depressions. The installers are coming back to correct this, but I'm still concerned that the slate should be from one continuous piece that was worked smooth and then cut into the three pieces.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I push for new slate, or will it be correct as is? I upgraded to good Simonis cloth and I want the best playing table possible.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hello, yes there isnt any issues with chips and another piece from a different table, normally. The biggest problem is with the installer on how they do the intall, correctly. I wouldnt worry so much about the different slate just how they do it. You can have the best table in the world and the table isnt anything with out a good install.
    Thanks, Rick
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