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Thread: Newly installed kamui tip

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    Angry Newly installed kamui tip

    So I went to a pool hall yesterday to get my moori tip replaced with a kamui and the guy does it. He ends up putting a ton of scuffs to my shaft, 2 scratches on the ferrule, and a slanted tip. My question is, is the slanted tip fine? Like the edges aren't straight; they slant towards the center a little. Also, is there a way I can remove the scratches off the ferrule? (Does painting the ferrule work?)

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    sounds like a very poor job. it should not have turned out this way. You will have to send this in to get it fixed, you might destroy the shaft if you take it further. go to and click on the customer service link and there it will explain how to send the shaft in for repair.
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    My shaft is a Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint, not a predator. Do I still use that form?

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