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    i need to change the tip of my cue, ad i have several problem to reach a cue mechanic.
    So i need to change by myself.

    Can you put me please on the right direction on what tool I need to buy on your store in order to accomplish this mission?

    My shaft is a 314-2 Predator, and the new tip that i will buy will be a kamui black soft.

    If you know also some *good* tutorial it's a plus (googling i have found some howto but to poor quality stuff...).

    Thank you in advance for your help. Much appreciate.

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    Hello, due to the high end shaft and tip it is best to send it in to us for warranty issues that might be caused from replacing the tip yourself. We would charge $40 with return shipping back to you. I can direct you to a tip kit but this is a very hard kit to used if you are not familiar with it. Generally this kit is used for low end cue and house cues.
    Thanks, Rick
    General Manager
    Seyberts Billiard Supply

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    Keep your tip from popping off prematurely, let the glue cure overnight before final trimming and sanding. You may go through various online tutorials before changing your cue tip.

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