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Thread: "Samples from the Handbook of the Billiard Gods" book

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    Default "Samples from the Handbook of the Billiard Gods" book

    Howdy folks,

    I've assembled a 100+ page book with 10-15 pages from each of the eight pool books I've published.

    It's available at Amazon and B&N for $1.

    If you send a direct request to, I'll send you a free PDF version.

    There's no DRM restrictions, so feel free to distribute to your buddies.
    Allan Sand, PBIA/ACS Instructor (& Author)
    Billiard Gods Blogs

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    Default Re: "Samples from the Handbook of the Billiard Gods" book

    Rather than focusing on advanced techniques and strategies like spinning, positioning etc, basics like simple strokes are more important. Mastering the basics of the game will help in playing better. Moreover, there are various techniques one need to practice like properly handling cue and arm positioning.

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