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Thread: Difference between jp L and pro series?

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    Default Difference between jp L and pro series?

    Are there any major differences in the pechauer L series and pro series cues. Quality, feel, joints? Will a predator shaft have a good fit on either one?

    Also, what is the deal with the lowering price cue JP08LU on your facebook page? I looked for it on your website, but its not there. Is this cue available only for a limited time? I like the looks of it. If it is available, will a predator 314-2 shaft be a good fit for it?

    Highly thinkin about buying a pechauer cue with a predator 314-2 or Z-2 shaft. Do the shafts weigh the same? Is the balance of the cue better with one or the other? Never bought a really nice cue before, probably should just call you guys with all my questions.

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    Default Re: Difference between jp L and pro series?

    It would be best if you called in(877-314-2837) and we can pull the cues you are interested in and check all of the specs for you.

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