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Thread: Extreme temperature impact on tables?

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    Default Extreme temperature impact on tables?

    REad an old thread on temp impact indicating a swing from 62 to 50 degree wouldn't impact table over time. I'm looking at adding pool table in garage in high altitude (dry) environment. garage is under master bedroom attached to kitchen etc. so I doubt it ever get below 32 f in winter nor above (say) 80 or so in summer...but obviously swings occur over long time. So is it the absolute temperature be a killer here over time or since "slow" swings will it last (assuming some quality" a decent level of time. Say solid wood vs particle board and 1 inch slate etc. Bumpers deteriorate?

    any thoughts appreciated....if particular type/brand would hold up better glad to hear thoughts.

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    Default Re: Extreme temperature impact on tables?

    Hello, My suggestion would be an Olhausen Pool Table. Their pool tables warranty holds up under any temperature They Seal not only the out side of the wood, but the inside of the wood as well with a special black primer. This will stop the moisture draw by temperature changes and the chance of hurting your table. Can't beat that.

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    Default Re: Extreme temperature impact on tables?

    I think extreme temperature is not an issue for pool table.

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