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    Can anyone tell me how a Schon plays with an OB shaft? Will the balance feel the same as it would with the original schon shaft? I am also wondering if I had the wrap replaced with leather would it change the balance? I have a lucasi and a predator shaft and there is a slight difference in the balance with the predator shaft..any input would be much appreciated!

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    The balance will be off since the ob shafts are around 3.7oz and the schon shafts are 4.2oz. Leather wrap is a little more heavier but not enough to count for.
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    Schon or Pechauer both are good in their place, but you need to check, which is comfortable for you and what kind of game you are playing. Schon cues are better for good jump and break and Pechauer cue's hit is soft and solid. I would suggest trying both for you.

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    If you play pool in a league or are just a casual player I highly recommend a Schon pool cue.

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