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Thread: Shipping to Vegas!

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    Default Shipping to Vegas!

    Heyy, how's everyone doing?

    I just placed an order on a cue with custom engraving, shaft size, and along with the tip. I also ordered a cue case and a q-wiz shaft cleaner. This was ordered at 12/12/11 16:06. My location is in Las Vegas and I was wondering how long in estimated time will my order come in? Specially how your location is pretty far and it's holiday season... And I selected the free shipping option (I don't know if that would help).

    Thank you guys for your time!

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    Hello, sorry but this is a discussion forum... you will have to go to our contact us link and ask the question there. There will be someone to answer you shortly. thanks
    Thanks, Rick
    General Manager
    Seyberts Billiard Supply

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