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    I have 2 Schon cues one was just purchased through Seyberts about a month ago . I was wondering if there is a way to change the weight on it. The Schon I just got is a bit heavier than my old one and I just want them to weigh the same. Problem is I don't know what weight the old one is. I took out a set of allen keys but non of them fit so I don't exactly know what kind of key to use to even take the weight bolt out...if I even can?
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    Hello, the weights in these cues can only be changed by us and still have warranty. So you can send them into us and we will make the same.
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    i took a solder gun to the weight bolt of my schon cue for maybe a minute.
    glue melted and bolt spun right off. bought another schon weight bolt at
    pool dawg. works fine. schon cues are expensive of course so be careful
    if you should attempt. i just tried it real quick and it worked, but wasn't going
    to mess with it too much. some schon weight bolts are aluminum--very
    light, other metal heavier. magnet of some sort will determine material.

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