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Thread: Brand of cue? or custom ?

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    Default Brand of cue? or custom ?

    Hello , I obtained this cue about a year ago , the owner did not know what kind of cue it was or if it was a custom.
    You guys have any ideas on the maker of this cue ?

    There is no markings on the cue that I can see, there is also no markings in the joint itself either .


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    Default Re: Brand of cue? or custom ?

    It looks like a Huebler cue or Balabuska.
    Thanks, Rick
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    Default Re: Brand of cue? or custom ?

    I try and buy, Matt?” is heard at many of my pool lessons. And it’s a thought I have myself every so often, too. There’s always a hope that new technology or classic styling will improve my game or yours, right?

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