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Thread: Pechauer Cue with Predator Shaft

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    I have just a general question. I stopped playing pool about a year ago before I moved to a new state and sold my Pechauer. I have since joined a new APA team and will start with them in the next couple weeks.

    I was thinking about buying another Pechauer (I loved my last one), but was thinking of getting a Predator shaft for it this time. My question is if I did buy the Predator shaft will my stick still come with it's standard shaft as well? My only concern is that I don't like the way the Predator shaft shoots and I was comfortable with the standard shaft on my first Pechauer. Also I had a JP series before, do you think there is a huge difference between them and the pro series in the way they shoot?

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    our cues come with the option of either a shaft upgrade or an extra shaft. So if you want the cue with both shafts it will cost an extra $210 for the 314-2 shaft, which I would recommend. The only difference between the two are that the Pro has the signature and the Pro joint.
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