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Thread: Send butt in for ordering new shaft?

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    Default Send butt in for ordering new shaft?

    I've got a Pechauer that I was looking into buying a 314-2 shaft for (I keep reading how it's a great combo)... Can I just provide the make and model of cue, order the shaft and expect a prestine fit? Or would it be best to send in the butt? (Not looking forward to the "away time") It's not so much the fit of the threads I was worried about, but the way the butt and shaft line up. I didn't want any "bounce" at the joint when cue is rolled across the table. I've got a little machining experience and I know that turning/facing two different materials at different times, then threading them, is pretty damn hard to get them as straight as an arrow once assembled.

    Any input will help.
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    Default Re: Send butt in for ordering new shaft?

    That is the nice thing about the Pechauer products... they all will match up perfect. The only one that is not 100% is the JP joint. Just give us a call. thanks
    Thanks, Rick
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