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Thread: BK2 shaft - custom work

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    Default BK2 shaft - custom work

    Hello KJ,

    Is it possible to take down a BK2 shaft to 12.35mm and change the phenolic tip (and ferrule???) to make it a player? I would like to keep the taper the same so it basically would be a Z2 FAT Shaft. I do not like a tip at 11.75mm and taking down a 314 down is not an option. The 314-2 taper is a little too flexible for me even at 12.75mm. I'm currently using a 314 FAT for the extra stiffness but I feel the 13.20mm tip and extra deflection are not necessary. I think Predator should release a Z FAT, it would be the perfect in between of the Z2 and 314-2.

    Please let me know what you think of this idea with the BK2 shaft and if it's feasible.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: BK2 shaft - custom work

    Basically, you can just change the tip, leave the ferrule as is and you'd have a pretty good player.
    I think the matter of the taper and diameter would be one of personal preference. Just stay above 12.3/12.35mm.
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