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    Cool Short Cues

    Ok So i have decided to go ahead with the 7 ft table and just have to live with short cues on a few shots. Im not a major pool junkie so it doesn't bother me that much, but what are the different sizes you can get in short cues. I know i need a 48 inch but do they make a 50 inch or a 46 inch?


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    I don't know about production cues but a custom cue maker can make you a cue with any butt length.

    There are the Stealth junior cues that are shorter (both butt and shaft) and they are well balanced and make a great short cue for those tight spots...

    Also check the troubleshooter cues here at Seyberts they make house cues in different lengths.
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    Kenny Murrell made a short cue for me way back. I had a Nova shaft that was 29 inches mated to it. I have gotten a lot of offers for it.
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    No longer do you have to be frustrated with shorter cues that feel like you are holding nothing but air. Get a Trouble Shooter today and enjoy shooting in your pool room a little more. Trouble Shooter Cues are unique and well balanced short cues. If your pool table is in a smaller room or you have obstacles keeping you from using a regular length cue in certain spots then a Trouble Shooter Cues is your solution. Trouble Shooters Cues have additional weight added to the butt to make the cue feel and weigh similar to a full length cues. Trouble Shooter Cues are available in 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" AND 52"

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