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Thread: Tight pockets

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    3.5 inches (8.89cm) is the same size as the corner pockets on snooker tables. The balls there are only marginally smaller, by 1/16".
    The idea of pocketing a snooker ball with it hitting the cushion first is inconcievable.

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    anyone ever played on the "colored-16" (a.k.a 8-ball) tables in China? that table is like a mini snooker table, any ball on the cushion is literally IMPOSSIBLE to make except when straight or cut PERFECTLY. tight pocket and the pocket is not pointy like the 9ball table we have in america, it's cut more like a circle.

    anyways, just suggesting, i was in china for 3 month, and then i came back, the pocket were like the size of the basketball basket.

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