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    i am wondering if seybert bucks can be applied on the extra shaft(s)

    like i wanna buy a viking millenium 2 w cue and it says i'll get $75 seybert bucks; and i also wanna get a custom fit 314 shaft on it...

    my question is whether seybert bucks can be used on the 314 shaft or not..

    thank you very much

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    Yes... The seyberts bucks can be applied to shipping and even the extra shaft.

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    Seybert's Bucks can be used to purchase any additional items you may want.

    Seybert's Bucks can not be subtracted from the price of the item that provided the Seybert's Bucks.

    Seybert's Bucks could also be used for your Shipping Charges.

    Moral of the story is...Get while the getting is good. Use up your Seybert's Bucks for additional merchandise or they will be forfeited.

    Seybert's Bucks cannot be carried over until a later purchase. They have to be used during the purchase that provided the Bucks. So if you have $10.00 left over in unused Seybert's Bucks, you better throw in a bottle of Q-Clean or something or you will forfeit the extra $10.00 Seybert's Bucks. (This is not our idea, it is our bookkeepers. We are driving her crazy trying to track the left over Seybert's Bucks. Sorry.)

    I hope that clears it up,

    Deb "Wacky" Varino

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    thank you very much

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