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Thread: is this legal?

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    i wasnt in league back in 2000 when you had your "questionable" situation come up, but i have been shooting apa for almost 10 years now and have been captain for about half of that so i take pride in knowing the rule book as best i can. in your situation as its wrote right now it says "if the marker is already at the intended pocket from a previous attempt or game, it is NOT neccessary for you to touch it, pick it up, or reposition it."

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    I thought to provide you with some different answer what everyone here has given for you, but it is difficult as they have explained everything in the above discussions. Also, I will suggest that it totally depends on the players that what they want if one player want to do the other can do the same for him. So, you should come up with a rule that you both want to follow.

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