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Thread: Dale Perry Cues.

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    I have since owned and shot with three more of Dale's cues, without a doubt, the absolute best cue for the money, great customer service, custom made 1 of 1 cues, handmade cues made in the USA by a true American craftsman, seriously? how can you go wrong? and to all the DP haters out there, betcha you'd really hate getting your clock cleaned on the table with your $2000 custom cue by a guy stroking a $150 Dale Perry cue

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    There are two guys on my 8 ball team that have DP cues with the DP-R shaft. They are nice hitting cues and have held up well. I recently saw some on Ebay that were selling for $129. That's darn cheap for a custom cue of that quality. That may not include the DP-R shaft of course but I'd buy this before any production cue in this range.

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    I have 2- DP cues but i upgraded the shafts to the DP-Rx Radial Shafts before they were mailed out to me & enjoy how they play
    all 4 shafts have the Pro Taper with different diameters, and Kamui Black, Kamui original, Talismon pro, Moori III tips on them.

    David Wayne

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