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Thread: Seybert Bucks on Predator

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    After putting the BK2 in the cart, I noticed it said I couldn't use the Seybert Bucks on another Predator item. Anybody know when they changed this rule? I'd be willing to spend almost $1500 on a 5K cue, BK2, Predator case and Predator Air (when it comes out) if I could use the bucks just among these items.

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    I don't know what has happened with you. I gave it a try and it worked out fine - my try included a 5k7, a BK2 and a Leather Predator Instroke case shipped to the States so I made sure that the Seybert's bucks will not be used to decrease the shipping price only.
    As for me, I could decrease the Total Amount of the purchase. I think that it might worth it to give it another try!
    Best regards,
    David Bredan

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    Monique Guest


    Good Morning, If you have any questions on how our Seybert's bucks work give me a call at 877-314-2837 thanks

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    I want to order a Predator 5k1 cue with a Predator leather case. Can I use the seybert's bucks to reduce the value of both items even if it is the same manufacturer? Also I noticed that if i order the predator case like a optional cue accesory then I don't have any seybert's bucks for the case. I'm confused!

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    Monique Guest


    Mihai, Neither the Predator case nor the Predator cue would be able to have the price reduced using Seyberts bucks because they offer them. Seybert’s Bucks can only be applied to products that do not offer Seybert’s Bucks or any shipping charges. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I can be reached here or by calling 866-314-2837

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