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Thread: When to replace Moori Tip?

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    hmm...wizard, never heard of that brand before. i've bought moori's for around $9-$10, that's not too bad. i think the triangle tip, for the money, plays great too.
    i've resorted to playing pool a bit with my snooker cue, because snooker tables are rapidly disappearing where i am, and i feel like using it every once in awhile. i have to say it plays pool rather well and snooker cues are low deflection anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by skor
    after playing with a soft (moori) tip for about 8 months, last week I "jumped" to a hard tip..... and for the last week my game is on!!!
    I did really good on league night last monday, played 3 matches against an A player, a B player and a C player and won all those matches... (BTW I'm a B player) also had a really good shooting afternoon yesterday when I played this guy a race to 7 and won 7-1 after winning 6 in a row...

    The sound of the hard tip is a bit weird but I get good action from it and I don't need to shape it all the time....
    I have been using Moori quick(Hard) for many years. It is great.

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    Default Re: When to replace Moori Tip?

    I've had an original Moori medium on my McDermott D4 and 314 v1 for about 15 years now. Still plays great.

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