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Thread: Who is KJ custom cues...

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    Default Who is KJ custom cues...

    I've never heard of the company. How long have they been around? Do they make other cues besides what seyberts has listed? How much do they cost? $300-$500 for a custom cue is pretty cheap, how is the quality?

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    Sonic, this is greg. Ive owned a KJ cue 4 about 9 months. I am compleatly satisfied w/ it. like I said it is the best cue that ive ever used. Ive owned viking, peachuer, lucasi, dufferin, cuetec, and i feel that this is beter than them all. To me the ballance is one of the things that I love about it none of the others felt as good. im about to have him make a preaditor shaft 4 it ive had one before and i would like 2 see how it feels on it. But the best thing is to go check them out 4 yourself, and yes he dose make differnt cues all similer but all very different beacause of the awsome wood. that is what drew me to them. and also the fact that it felt like it belonged in my hand. go check them out, you may just find somthing u like.

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    Default Re: Who is KJ custom cues...

    Quote Originally Posted by sonnic
    I've never heard of the company. How long have they been around? Do they make other cues besides what seyberts has listed? How much do they cost? $300-$500 for a custom cue is pretty cheap, how is the quality?
    check out this link
    My Humble (but growing...) Pool Cues Collection

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    sonic, i gave you a reply earlyer but i wanted to let you know that the cue that i got realy is the best that i have had. the guys at seyberts said that this cue had only been done and out of its constuction for 2 days. Im glad that i got it as soon as i did because it is not just made from birdseye. It also has a very rare peice of bacote for the forearm. It is a very rare peice because all the grain dose not run staight like normal, it twists and turns like crazy, the other wood is a huge peice of birdseye that has huge birdseyes in it. Yes KJ sure dose love that birdseye, but when u see how beauiful this stuff is you might like it to. The fact that the cues only cost so little is i think that its because he dose it to make a name 4 himself and because he loves what he dose. He is a natural craftsman and hes damn good at it. Dont knock the cue because of the price, try 1 you may b very suprised when u do. but who knows you r gonna like what you do. respond bk i will b away 4 a few days but i will tk more about any thoughts u may have that i can tk about or my experince w/ my cue.

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    Default KJ cues review

    I'm just posting a quick review of the KJ cue I got a for more than 1 month now. I got the KJ 45-5+original shaft+custom fitted 314-2.

    First, the cue looks great and the cue is solid, will last long for sure. The wood is very good quality. It shows in the hit, very solid and consistent. Overall, the cue as a great feel, seems I'm able to be more precise on speed control with it. The KJ shaft is very solid, very easy to stun the cue ball or play power strokes, great combination for straight pool or bank pool. For 10 or 9 balls, I prefer to use the 314-2 shaft on it, easier to move the cue ball. But the feel of the 314 on the wood-wood joint is unmatched by any cue I have ever played, a lot more control. Seems it is easier to get to that small window you sometimes need for perfect shape. The custom fit of the 314-2 is perfect. On top of this KJ gives very good service. I think the cue worths more than I paid for it.

    note: the cue is 29(+little more)'' butt+30'' shaft. I recommend leaving it like that. This is just right for people taller than 5'8''.

    Jo writting from Quebec in Canada.

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    Default KJ Cues

    Thank You Jo,
    Thank you for your kind words and your critique of your KJ cue.
    I've been building cues for almost 20 yrs. now with the emphasis on the 'hit' & playability of the cue rather than loading it with pretty. All the pretty in the world won't help you to make one more ball but a cue built with the sole intent of being an instrument of performance will assist you in achieving the level of play that you are capable of. I don't build cues for collectors, I build cues for players & I don't feel that you should have to mortgage the house to be able to afford a cue that plays well.
    Enjoy your cue for a long time. Should you have any further questions or need assistance in any way, all you need do is ask.
    At Your Service,

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    Default Re: Who is KJ custom cues...

    Also known as pool. Any of assorted games vie on a billiard table with a billiard ball and fifteen alternative balls that area unit sometimes numbered, during which the thing is to drive all the balls into the pockets with the billiard ball.
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    Default Re: Who is KJ custom cues...

    It is pretty cool, KJ is making cue from last 20 years. I think he must have got something really good stuff for making best cues. Now I think all doubt have been cleared here. I just inquired from one of my friends and got the same answer, I think you should try KJ Cues.

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    Default Re: Who is KJ custom cues...

    KJ custom cues are known for its performance. You can select from their variety as per your needs.

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