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    I have heard a lot about these Tiger tips lately. First of all do you think they are the best if not what tip is (I personally like the Moori but never used tiger) anyway If i do decide to go with a Tiger tip what tip is the best to use. Most tips give you options like hard soft med. It seems tiger has Dynamite, Everest and im sure their are others... So which one is the best or which one is softer?

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    The "best" tip is the one that suits you best, everyone is different.

    I play with a moori hard as i felt the medium was just too soft and would go out of shape very easy.

    I have tried the sniper but found it lost its shape easily too and is too soft and the everest is a good tip but quite similar to thing about the sniper is it comes with a black bit of plastic on the end of the tip which i personally didnt like.

    For me it's moori hard but you best just getting one of every tip you like and trying to see what suits you best

    Hope this helps.

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    Everest medium is my favorite tip.

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