I know that we can't use the seybert bucks to substract the cue prices. But when i am doing a kind of calculation in shopping cart, activating the seybert bucks can decrease the total shooping cost. It's quite botherin.

For example, when i add a P2 curly maple to my shopping cart, and activate the seyb bucks, the price goes down from $915 to $860-sth.

Here are my questions.

1. Are there any seybert bucks for P2 curly maple leather wrap? if so, how much? Are seyberts bucks redeemable for cue price only?
If they aren't, am I going to pay the seybert price like 20% off the price?

2. Do I have to pay insurance eventhogh it is free continental shipping?
How fast exactly the fedex ground to reach the destinastion?

3. Does seybert offer stack leather instead of ultra leather? if so are u goin to charge me any adddtional cost?

I really appreciate 4 the reply. I need to straight somethings up before i order P2 curly maple from seyberts.