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Thread: anyone own a lucasi cue?

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    dalizrdking71 Guest

    Default anyone own a lucasi cue?

    hi all,
    i am interested in some of the cues in the lucasi line. i was wondering if anyone has a lucasi cue or has played w/1, and what they think of the lucasi cues?

    just curious,

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    Hello Jim,
    We finally got a post on the Lucasi line. I play with a Lucasi L-2015 and a Predator 314 shaft. I love the cue as it has one of the most solid hits of any cue I have used. With the 314 shaft the entire cue is very stiff and therefore deflection is not an issue. I also like the uni-loc joints as they are quick to assemble. For the price, I don't think you will find a better cue :!: I also have a Lucasi jump cue and it works great also. There is rarely a safety that I can not get to the object ball. There are a lot of people who stay away from the Lucasi line because ther are not made in America. But the price compared to say the Schon line is much cheaper. And to me the quality of the cue is just as good.

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    I had been looking at Lucasi for a while but when I actually got to look at one up close the points were not even and you could run your finger over the cue and feel the silver ringwork in the butt of the cue. I know they have a very very good price point but I was just too picky to bring myself to get one. I have only been in the presence of a couple Lucasi's but has anyone else noticed this? I have heard good things about how they hit.
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    I have a Lucasi Sneaky Pete that I break with, and now and then shoot a couple of shots with. The cue is well made and shoots fine, but it hardly compares to my Schons. For the money, the Lucasi is a nice cue, but for critical shots, I prefer a stiffer hit that my Schons deliver.

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    Default own lucasi cue

    hi i own a lucasi L-2002 and am very pleased with way it feels on soft or power shots. the uniloc joint is second to none. Not to impressed with finnish around beauty rings you can feel the edges of the rings but you do not notice it when playing only on close inspection. going to buy a lucasi jump break cue to match because of the feel. Not saying its the best cue available but it suits my needs just fine.
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    Default LUCASI

    :lol: Best cue i have ever owned

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    I play with Lucasi. With the lucasi shaft I rate it as a fair cue, about as good as viking and Mcdermot, etc. I use a predator shaft on the Lucasi, however. The 314 matches the cue perfectly, and with it, it delivers a very good hit (I've let a amature-going professional cuemake hit with it with the 314 on it, and he said that the hit was excelent, unbelievable for the price). The quality of the cue is just fine with me. If you want the best hit for the $, get the cheapest Lucasi and buy a unilock predator shaft to go with it from Seyberts. You'll get a hit that is comparable to the best cues on the market for around $300.

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    Guest Guest

    Default Not to pleased

    I purchased a LSS11 :cry: It is a very nice looking cue...And that is about all i can say positive about it..The ferrule has already cracked on one of the shafts (3 months old) and the ring can be felt easily..And the hit of the cue has a lot to be desired.. Played with cheaper Meucci's that have a better hit..Only good thing that happened is i did get it fairly cheap..Anyone in need of a cue...LoL

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    I've owned my Lucasi for about 3 years, they were very new to the market when i purchased one and i was not sure what to expect. I break with this cue all the time - which i realize is a no-no to anyone who values their cue's lifespan, but it gives such a solid hit - much better than my sneaky-pete. The only thing i don't care for is the fact that the art work is computer generated, so it loses a certain "authentic" touch, but it's still a nice looking cue nonetheless.
    I do recommend them, but i would certainly shop at more than one place to find the right one. :)

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    Default as for me

    i used a lucasi for several years... then i had the opportunity to shoot with my friends predator . Needless to say i sold the lucasi and am gonna buy a pred2 from seyberts, just as soon as they come in that is :P
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