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Thread: Where is Lucasi made?

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    Default Where is Lucasi made?

    If it's not made in the U.S., like I read in one of the posts here, where are Lucasi cues made? :

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    China...according to the factory sticker on the cue.

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    what i hear is lucasi made by same factory which makes players which is in taiwan. as a cuemaker told me, taiwan is china, but it's not. also, he said, higher production standards.

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    Default Re: Where is Lucasi made?

    There are two Chinas. The Peoples Republic of China, what some people refer to as China, and the Republic of China commonly known as Taiwan or Formosa.

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    Default Re: Where is Lucasi made?

    You will have to contact Viking cues on this one..
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    Default Re: Where is Lucasi made?

    Lucasi pool cues are made in China, though their company is headquartered in the United States.

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