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    I've had really good results w/ roughing up both surfaces, then applying two-part 5-min epoxy to BOTH surfaces, making sure no air bubbles, and just putting together. I don't even bother clamping...just twist and slide the tip around a bit to make sure solid bond and let it dry. I've never had a tip pop off yet.


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    Ive tried that Gorillia super glue & did not like it, I normally use Tigers cue tip glue which is a gap filling super glue, just make you don't get your finger stuck together. A little dab will do you, place a small amount in the ferrule & tip then spread it out with a razor blade then stick both parts together and apply pressure and wait 5min. minimum, I normally let it set & cure for 1hr then proceed on to the shaping.

    Thats all that i use.

    David Wayne

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    The glue is suitable for wood end grains since it is well absorbed in wood tubules. It is suitable for surfaces like stone, metal, glass and foam.

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